bitches love cake.

Anonymous asked: OMG, I have been searching for a blog like this. This is perfect. IDK what is wrong with these peasants. Your blog is fabulous :) and may all your 1D fantasies come true.


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Anonymous asked: Do you think the one about Niall raping that girl is real. this may seem like a stupid question because its highly doubtfully true, but I only say that because I don't think he would do this because I see him as sweet and innocent, but then I stop and think well that's what all fans think about them, which is why he could get away with it. What do you think?

its true, i know the girl it happened to

posted 1 year ago

omg 1d’s new album just leaked

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Anonymous asked: I do enjoy this tumblr. I think its smart to have one of these, directioners need a place to express their desires. I have to say I've found some pretty crazy ones, and I'm assuming you've read them all, so is there any that make you wince or gag. like the one one I just read about having Liam cut out your unborn baby, put it in a blender, turning it into a milkshake, then punching you in the face, and then poops on the baby. Very imaginitive, very disturbing, very different. ~Sophia☺

Some of them are gross but I’ve become desensitized to it all so.

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Anonymous asked: Okay, you should ACTUALLY stop! Your mind is so weird!!! Who would ever post these things. I know people submit them, and they are weird, too. But, YOU created this site. You're gross.

I don’t care.

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Anonymous asked: CUNT

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Anonymous asked: EWWW! Youa re disgusting. I swear you will get raped by some ratchet motherfucker like yourself.

i hope it’s niall ;)

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